Technical Support

You are covered in the event of a malfunction or anomaly on your site. 

Netygo undertakes to intervene immediately to solve the problem.

Our commitment to the time taken to deal with the fault: 

  • Minor anomaly: < 8 hours
  • Major anomaly: < 6h
  • Critical anomaly: < 3h

Examples of anomaly types :

  • Minor : An anomaly that does not block the user or administrator from browsing or performing a task. For example, possible display anomalies on a browser or interface label.

  • Major : A non-critical anomaly involving a degraded operation of a module or functionality of the site.

  • Review: An anomaly blocking the normal use of the platform or the task an administrator or member is performing. For example, a connection problem or unavailability of the site is considered critical and is dealt with immediately on an urgent basis.